Your Personal CV Website

A personal CV website, (sometimes just called a Personal Website), can be a great way to promote you, your CV, and your abilities. Once it's up-and-running, like all things online it is available 24/7. You also have the opportunity to add the website address to your emails, social media and job application documentation as an added element to your job-search campaign.

It has to be said that setting up personal CV website yourself is not that complicated when using some of the brilliant systems that are now available. The difference with our service is that it is that we do it for you and it's simple and 'safe', and is actively promoted on the main search engines, like Google..

A live demo version of a typical CV website is HERE

Your Three-Page Personal CV Website

Your CV website is in your name, and personal to you and has 3 pages. Your Home page, your CV, and the Contact page. It can contain a broad, generic CV covering all sorts of roles, or a job-specific CV focused on the particular role you are looking for. The other factor you should bear in mind is where you would prefer to work, or be located, geographically.

If you already have a current CV, of up to 2 sides of A4, we will ask you to email it to us with a head and shoulders photo** and will then set up an individual CV website in your name.
[** Please provide a clear, focused image of at least 450 x 450 to allow for editing.]

We remove all the personal contact information from your CV to avoid responses from trolls and spammers. When you receive an enquiry it comes to us, not you, is vetted first and then copied and passed to you.

Getting Started

To get started with your website, or if you have any questions please use the Contact form.

Louise Grant

Administrator & Team Coordintator

(In Development)

CV & Notes

CV Structure & Sections

Please use the Contact page for enquiries. We do not share your personal information.

Completion notes:

  • Head each section as follows - if relevant to you
  • Remember the reader - make it easy to read and keep it short and to the point
  • Two sides of A4 is enough
  • Need a CV template? Just ask.

Typical CV Headings

Personal Statement
Example - Louise is a conscientious team player. Her work is accurate and timely, and she is always proactive with her administrative responsibilities.

Work and Personal Skills - Best in priority order, linked with the skills identified in the job specification - if there is one.

Employment History
Most recent job first - Role and responsibilities - Any particular achievements - Short, focused description - Avoid going on and on -

Role and Academic achievements - Highlight those relevant to the job application first - Keep it to a simple list

Hobbies and Interests
If you are happy to share, this section tells the reader more about you as a person

Generic Information
Anything that might be relevant but not asked for like: Hold a full divers license


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